This week’s favorite should perhaps have been last week’s favorite because it’s really a doozie (doozy?) when it comes to being both entertaining and awesome. And awesome, in this sense, is both figmental (I just made that up–think like “figment of your imagination”?), but also very tangible. By tangible, I mean… where, this year alone, John and Hank, with the assistance of Nerdfighteria, raised $483,446 to be donated to awesome charities in an effort to decrease World Suck.

They have about a bazillion videos (they’ve been doing this for 6 years!!), and I’ve only seen some small percentage of them (I’m slowly working my way through them all), but they’re totally worth watching, even if you just start right now!

If you’re totally unfamiliar with John and Hank, this video is a great place to start:

And if you just want to start wayyy at the beginning… you’ll want to head on over to this one:

And if you’re feeling like just hitting up a random, but totally awesome video, please please please feel free to start here.

No matter where you start, you should definitely start! They’re awesome, and so are you! So get to it!