So it dawned on me that there’s a ton of internet content that I love, and love to share… but that I don’t have to write a whole bunch about every single piece of it, because some of it speaks for itself! Enter Friday Favorites! Each Friday (theoretically), I’ll share some of my favorite internet haunts with you, and spread the joy that comes from general awesomeness. I’ll post a little something about each one, but for the most part, I’d love for you all to just check things out yourself, and let me know if you love this stuff as much as I do! – Dan

I figured I should start things off on a high note, so for my First Friday Favorites (nice alliteration, eh?) post, I’m going to recommend an old favorite:! It's dot com!This site… is pretty much indescribably awesome. My only complaint is that it hasn’t been updated in years — but in their defense, I think they stopped updating right around the time I forgot it existed for a while. Maybe now that I’ve remembered it, they’ll start updating again! (I like to think that I have this kind of power, somehow.)

Anyway, I’m not really kidding when I use the word “indescribable.” I could try to explain it to you here, but really the only way for you to get it, is to go get it!

This “First Time Here” page is a great place to start – and as Strong Bad says, his emails are pretty awesome. (No, seriously, you should probably watch all of them. You won’t regret it.) (But you should totally start with the older ones!!)