From the… uh, editor, I guess: My regular readers (all three of them – hey guys!) may have noticed that my hiatus lasted a bit longer than the end of the semester. In my defense, it was a really difficult semester, and I really needed a break. (Also, I received Diablo III and Paper Mario Sticker Star for Christmas. Enough said.) But as it’s the last day of 2012, I figured I should get off my ass actually write something. So, here you go!

Back in some year or other (I was probably still in high school, okay? Every year was basically the same back then anyway.) I stumbled upon a copy of Redbook magazine. I’m not sure if it was my mom’s, or if I just randomly looked at a copy in a store somewhere, but I remember distinctly how much I loved it.

It wasn’t the articles or photos – I don’t even remember what I read about – it was the writing, and how familiar it was. When the editor talked about one of her reporters, she referred to her by name: Susan went to such and such a place and did something or other. Oh, and that other reporter, Lauren, just got back from such and such, and boy did she have a great time–read all about it on page 52.

I had never felt so engaged with a magazine. It was like the editor, and the reporters, were talking to me. Like I was “in,” and of course I knew who Janet was and yesofcourse I wanted to know how her trip to DC had gone!

Fast forward to this morning. Well, really, fast forward to about three months ago when Zinio ran a special on Newsweek, and I subscribed for the low low price of some amount of money I’ve forgotten. Now fast forward to today, which is basically the first time I actually made use of said subscription (I was busy, okay??).

Same. Exact. Feeling. (Now with 75% more actual news!) (Sorry, Redbook.)

Newsweek Last Print IssueI know this may not be a stunning revelation to folks who have already experienced the awesomeness of Newsweek, but I love reading it so far. It might help that this particular issue (see image) is a bit more personal than your typical issue (or so I’d imagine) due to Newsweek’s going digital being news, but the style is right up my alley. A little tongue-in-cheek, a little self deprecation, a little hard-hitting-no-punches-pulled-willing-to-rock-the-boat (see this cover)… and when it comes down to it, a little–well–friendly.

One of the activities I’m trying to turn into a habit on Lift is “Read the news.” And hey, now it doesn’t seem like that’ll be half as bad as I thought.

It’s the last day of the year, the last print edition of Newsweek, and I can’t help feeling that I couldn’t have picked a better time to start reading.

Here’s to more good writing in 2013.

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