When did I say I’d be posting again? Monday, Wednesday, Friday?

Was I aware that classes would be starting and that I’d be starting a part time job and that one of my classes would take up an immense amount of time and that I might be going crazy by the second week of class?

Oh, guess not.

Anyway – all that being said, I promise that I’ll post something on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (barring internet access issues).

Sometimes, I might be too busy to write much of substance… but I’ll post something!

This is that something!

I just deleted a bunch of probably important activisty emails because – as totally insane as it sounds – I don’t have time to care about much outside of my immediate circle at the moment! This is why I’m bad at politics!

How busy are you guys? Are you in school? Are you experiencing the post-summer insanity?

Don’t go crazy! We’ll make it through!

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