Happy Monday folks!

No, I didn’t drop my phone in the toilet, and you won’t be receiving an invite to a Facebook event titled “Lost yo’ numberz y’all – gimme yo’ digitz!” (And you never will, because I have my contacts synced thankyouverymuch.)

It just dawned on me as I headed to the bathroom the other day that it was somewhat strange that I felt the need to take my phone with me. Now, to clarify, this was not a desire to be “connected.” I do not talk on the phone in the bathroom – though I suppose I might reply to a text, if it seemed important.

Magazines, books, movies, games… what more could you ask for?

No, this was a desire to stay entertained.

And really, let’s not all be horrified at this moment – who has not taken a book or magazine into the bathroom? The restroom is not exactly the most entertaining of locations. I’ve been known to drag the iPad in there, too (oh come on, it’s no worse than a book or magazine), but I just feel like the iPhone is kind of weird.

I guess maybe it’s because of its connectedness that I feel like the iPhone is inherently different than the iPad. I think I consider the iPad a tool of consumption; of entertainment – and not really a tool of communication. Or at least not primarily.

But my phone is… well, my phone. Its primary purpose is, and will always be, communication and connection – no matter how well it performs its other side duties (entertainment and the like).

So… I don’t know. What do you think? Phone in the bathroom – weird, or a sign of the times? How do you keep yourself entertained while doing those things you’ve gotta do (feel free to think outside the box bathroom – doing dishes, laundry, or other ‘musts’ in an out of the house)?

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