Dear people who might be reading this… I’m tired.

And I know, I’m beginning to sound like the boy who cried “my blog is up and ready to go.”

But here we are again – another re-launch of!

My tiredness is due to my desire to have this site function in certain ways – and my inability to find the right plugins/settings/layout/options/whatnot to make that happen. That being said, the site is looking REALLY good, and I’ve solved a number of my “problems.” I’m still looking for something that will auto-post my entries to Facebook (that’s not Networked Blogs, and doesn’t just post a little blip in the ‘Activity Feed’), but many of my other desires have been met.

I played with the layout A LOT, and finally found one that I like A LOT (Platform, by PageLines). It’s super easy to customize, and it has lots of options. I’d tried a similar PageLines layout previously, and couldn’t get it to work like I wanted it to. This one is much easier to set up, and it seems to have all the options I wanted – and even a few bonus items (like the cool Twitter feed at the bottom of the page!). (Which now seems to be broken. Ugh.)

There are still a few things that I’d like to tweak (like getting a logo…), but for the most part, I really like the way the site looks now.

AND… I’ve embedded Dan’s Discoveries into the homepage. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Dan’s Discoveries is a Facebook page that I use to share (appropriately) my discoveries! These are usually great deals on somewhat nerdy products: electronics, MP3 downloads, video games, awesome T-shirts, and more. A friend of mine posts some of his finds on there as well – if you haven’t, feel free to check it out!

Otherwise, the site features a new header (a bit simple, but homemade, TYVM), a cool 3D tag-cloud courtesy of WP Cumulus (Flash-based, sorry anyone using iOS to read), and a new lease on life. Or something. I was able to embed Dan’s Discoveries thanks to the folks over at Like Box, and this guy who showed me how to set it up (and pointed me to Like Box in general).

While the site is “re-launching,” I’ll be honest and let you know that I’m going out of town in a couple days – so posting might be sporadic, unless I find an auto-post to Facebook option that I like. I can schedule all the auto-posts I want, but if they don’t post to Facebook, no one will read them!

So… stay tuned–again–and things will be up and really rolling soon!

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