Back when Netflix changed their prices/plans, I canceled my membership. I had a tendency to receive a DVD and hold on to it for months at a time, so I wasn’t really making much use of it anyway. I considered switching to the “Watch Instantly” option, but their selection is sort of hit or miss, and I’m an avid Hulu Plus user, so I felt like my streaming needs were pretty taken care of.

That being said, I still miss Netflix sometimes. I can be a sort of impulse-buy kind of guy, and I’m a fan of instant gratification (who isn’t?), so every once in a while, I check to see if Netflix has some movie that I want to see right this second available to stream.

Without being a member, checking a movie/show’s availability is a little challenging, but that’s a whole other topic. Regardless, generally speaking, Netflix doesn’t have what I’m looking for.

That being said (again), I still like having options, and when it comes down to it, I wouldn’t mind having Netflix available. I just can’t justify the price, because I’d probably use it so infrequently it wouldn’t be worth it. $7.99 isn’t much, but it adds up after a while, and it’s just not worth it if you’re not using it. If it were even a little cheaper, I’d consider it.

So, every time Netflix sends me an email that says something like, “It’s a great time to come back to Netflix!” I get a little excited. Or I used to get excited – thinking that maybe they were offering me a deal: $5.99/mo for a year! Come back and get 2 months free! Pay for a year all at once and it’s only $5.75/mo!

But no. Here’s what I get, instead:

It's a great time to come back to Netflix!

A great time, indeed!

It’s a great time to come back. Here’s why!

  • Our prices haven’t changed!
  • This is the same email you got last month!
    • (And the month before that.)
  • We just want your money!
  • This email contains absolutely no new information!
    • We have the same features,
    • selection,
    • technology,
    • and prices that we’ve had for quite a while now!

I’d be all about a “We miss you – Come Back!” email, but no – Netflix thinks it’s a great time to come back. They just won’t say why.