Instead of working on ANY of my final papers, I randomly decided to email Pandora the following. I feel like it was a good use of my time.


I know, I know – generally when I can’t find it in the FAQs, that means it doesn’t exist (I actually DO look, I swear!), but I’m eager enough for this potential feature that I had to ask.

I use Pandora and Rdio (and maybe eventually Spotify instead of Rdio, if they make their interface less hideously ugly) fairly religiously, and I’ve been a Pandora fan for about a bazillion years. Obviously Rdio is a totally different type of service (or maybe not totally, but at least somewhat), but they’ve got one feature that I think Pandora should totally have (and may have had in the past?): a live feed of what you’re listening to that posts to Facebook!

Where it initially seemed a little creepy that people could see my every listen on Rdio (and okay, when I get in the mood to put “Constant Craving” redone by the Glee Cast on repeat, I’m still a little ultra-aware that everyone sees EVERY repeat), I’ve actually come to really appreciate the live-feed, because I feel like I’m constantly sharing awesome music with all my friends.

When I listen to Pandora, I want to do the same! Maybe even just a feed of the songs I’ve ‘liked’ or something. I know there’s the whole “music feed” dealie, but it doesn’t really have the same visibility as Facebookland, unfortunately.

Jeez, apparently, everything is all about me. Also, some girl in the library just sneezed approximately 14 and a half times in a row. It was crazy. I’m glad you could experience this with me.

Anyway! I feel like I made my point somewhere back up there – so my question is: does this exist? Will it? Can I bribe someone to make it? My skills are fairly limited, but I make a really good honey-garlic salmon, and I like to think that my writing skills are endearing, if not entirely marketable.

Thanks for all you (personally, as well as as-a-company/product/entity/service/thing) do! Have a super fantastic day.

– Daniel

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