So, I’ve been a fan of Ikea for years now (despite more recently feeling like they might just be yet another place determined to flood the market with an abundance of cheap and mostly unnecessary products), and as such was appropriately excited to visit their new(ish) store in Bolingbrook, IL today.

My friend Ryan and I stopped there on our way to and from the Chicago area on our somewhat impromptu road trip. Unfortunately, the most memorable experience of the day occurred shortly after we arrived during our first visit.

As we had been driving for a while, we both had to use the restroom, and we made that our first stop. Upon entering, however, it quickly became apparent that something was wrong:

Hopefully that's water. I'm sure it's water... It looks like the handle just got stuck when someone flushed, and I'm sure they flushed because... oh. I don’t know if you can see this clearly, but there is a rather large body of water spreading from beneath the urinal on the far left.

Though not apparent in this picture, the handle was stuck down, and so was constantly flushing, which caused it to overflow.

The curious thing, as you may have noticed, is that the handle is not stuck in this photo. That, my friends, is because I reached over and tapped it back into place, which stopped the flow of water almost immediately.

What really confuses me is that an Ikea employee took the time to come in, place the cautionary “Don’t Fall on Yo’ Ass – There’s Pee/Water Mixture up in Heah!” sign, but did not take an extra moment to attempt to stop the flow of said Pee/Water mixture.

Also odd, when we returned to Ikea hours later, the floor was dry and the urinal was looking no worse for wear. For whatever reason, another caution-sign was placed in front of a urinal on the right (not pictured) – so I ended up using this one.

And the handle stuck. I didn’t even notice – luckily Ryan did, but I feel like it’s strange that no one fixed it, or shut off the water to it, or… blocked it off.

Perhaps someone moved the caution-sign?

Perhaps there wasn’t a lot of thought involved in much of this.

Ultimately, the thing that seems really strange to me is… there was a lot of water on the floor. The water had obviously been running for quite a while, and yet no one thought to even attempt to get it to stop?

I obviously wasn’t the first person to encounter the situation – there were at least two other people in the bathroom when Ryan and I first came in, and an employee obviously had to place the Wet-Floor Sign.

I think a lot of people use “it wasn’t my fault/problem/idea” for inaction, and that’s just sad. We’re all in this world/life/existence together – it’s really okay to help out, even when it’s not your problem. It’ll be yours someday, and won’t it be nice to have someone around who is willing to help?