With time running out before Netflix’s price increase takes effect, I’ve been doing a little evaluative thinking about where my $$$ has been going, and where I’d like it to go in the future.

I currently do the 1 DVD at-a-time plan, which includes unlimited streaming for $9.99 plus tax.

I also subscribe to Hulu+ for $7.99 plus tax.

I do not have cable – and haven’t for a year or more.

I’d like to say I use Netflix and Hulu+ frequently enough that I feel my $18 and change are well spent, but lately… that’s not really the case.

There was a time when Tyler (my ex-boyfriend/friend) and I were watching shows on Hulu+ constantly. We watched almost all of Arrested Development, frequently enjoyed Ms. Hargitay kicking ass on SVU, got our Glee fix, laughed and cried (okay, the crying was pretty much exclusively me) with The Office, and dabbled in Parks and Recreation.

As for Netflix, I have an Instant Queue of over 200 titles, and I often watch Star Trek: TNG now that they’ve made it streaming… but I actually own all of TNG on DVD. And the instant movie selection has become somewhat depressing.

Sure, I can check out the highly recommended Mad Men, or finally watch Desperate Housewives. And yeah, it’s easier for me to stream the next episode of TNG than it is for me to dig for the next disc in the box set, but… I just don’t know if I use it enough.

Not to mention the DVD side of things. I just sent back The Mist (which I wasn’t really a fan of, for the record) today… and I’m pretty sure I received it at least 3 months ago. Now, I’m excited to get the next DVD on my list (To Kill a Mockingbird!), and my queue for regular DVDs is over 200 long as well, but if they just sit around for months at a time, I don’t even have to ask if it’s worth it – it’s definitely not.

As for cable… it’s really about the same situation as Netflix and Hulu, except in a more obnoxious way. With Hulu and Netflix, there are plenty of things I’d like to see them offer – but they just don’t (at least not right now).

Here’s a probably familiar tale: I had cable for a while, but when my promotional rate ran out, it was too expensive to keep. The problem is not that there aren’t shows on cable I would watch, the problem is paying a bunch of money for a shit ton of channels I never watch (save perhaps two or three, maybe), and the stuff I really would watch is on Showtime or HBO, which costs an even larger bunch of money. It becomes harder and harder to justify paying the first bundle of money to get the “basic” channels just so you qualify to get the “premium” stuff. So, I cancel my cable. Stick with the internets.

If I could pay $10 a month for streaming HBO or Showtime, you can bet I’d do it in a second. Hell, I’d pay $20 (maybe even $30) for HBO and Showtime together, and get rid of both Netflix and Hulu+ in a heartbeat.

I like to think that’s the direction we’re moving. If you have HBO, you can get it streaming online (at least somewhat?) already, but I’m just waiting for us to get to the point where you can get it without having to pay for crap you don’t want.

So, where does all that leave me? Hell if I know. I’ll probably cancel at least part of my Netflix plan, if not all of it – and Hulu+ may be on its way out, too. Just have to figure out which I use enough for the money to be worth it.

What are your intentions with your Netflix/Hulu/Cable? What’s your ideal channel/movie/show selection?

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